Sung Master Holdings Sdn. Bhd. was founded by Mr. Peter Sii, Managing Director since Oct 2015.

Mr. Peter Sii had developed his industrial knowledge in building materials during more than 15 years of career and business achievements in Malaysia and China. China as the ‘World Factory’ established since decades had delivered Mr. Peter Sii the competent industrial experiences, especially the rapid economy growth of this state which had provided him plenty of the empirical opportunities in global business operations.

Global economy trend under the China’s development especially the ‘Belt and Road’ cross-border business concept has been introduced to some regions, Malaysia is also the significant strategic partner to this globalization positivity in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Mr. Peter Sii is ambitious to dedicate as the significant business player in the domestic building materials industry based on his competencies. Meanwhile, Sung Master Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is growing and also forwarding to the leading market player through his provable internal and external leaderships to promise continuous distinctive qualities of business supplies, which should directly contribute and benefit to the country and regional economies from various social levels under close international trading collaborations.

Malaysia’s development targeted to the advance and high income state by near future has been confirmed with the additional synergy delivered from Sung Master Holdings Sdn. Bhd., under Mr. Peter Sii.

Projects TitleLocationPeriodCost (RM)
Nouvelle HotelSelangor2009.3 - 2011.812,300,000
Volkswagen TTDIKuala Lumpur2010.3 - 2010.81,000,000
Philea Resorts & SpaMelaka2010.3 - 2011.215,700,000
Shaftsbury SquareCyberjaya2011.7 - 2013.113,300,000
Kemena Plaza Hotel
Bintulu2012.3 - 2014.121,500,000
Kemena HotelBintulu2012.5 - 2014.26,500,000
Promenade HotelKota Kinabalu2012.12 - 2014.72,300,000
Izumi Bukit BintangKuala Lumpur2013.1 - 2013.122,680,000
Imperial HotelKuching2013.7 - 2014.32,350,000
Four Points by
Kuching2013.8 - 2014.61,850,000